Dry skin? Try some charity…

This morning, a co-worker of mine was surprised to see me using the no-water hand sanitizer pump newly set up next to our elevators. Although H1N1 panic may be subsiding, I’d still rather not carry whatever germs I picked up on the train with me to my desk. But with this new morning routine comes a new dilemma – very dry skin on my hands. So when Curel contacted our office about a new campaign helping the American Red Cross (and featuring a redesigned limited-edition bottle of their Continuous Comfort moisturizer) I couldn’t wait to check everything out.

Curel has already made a $250,000 donation to the Red Cross, and pledges to donate $10,000 more. Through their “Share the Gift of Caring” initiative, anyone can help out the program by going to curel.com and following their directions to make a free donation.

So how does the moisturizer actually feel? I loved it! It really soaked into my skin, and kept these chapped hands hydrated for a long time. But be careful to only use it with really dry skin, or you may find the lotion to be a bit slimy. The limited edition Red-Cross adorned bottle is available now at drugstores across the country for $8.00.
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