It’s no secret that I love Instagram. I also love the faux drama created by bitter iPhone users that are upset by the app’s Android launch:

To celebrate this righteousness, here are some of my favorite pictures that I took with Instagram over the past year. Obviously I have a thing for flowers.


I wanted to post the slideshow I made for my father’s memorial service. The individual photos are available through a Picasa/Google+ Album. Thank you for your condolences and sympathy, I couldn’t imagine getting through this without my amazing family and friends.

Happy Ides of March!

Maybe that’s like saying, “Happy Lent” or “Happy Day of Atonement” during Yom Kippur. Alas.

Here’s the Wikipedia page on The Ides of March for your enjoyment/future trivia knowledge.

Here’s the Senate room where Julius Caesar was killed 2,054 years ago that I took on a trip to Rome a few years ago):
And here’s a view outside of this room in the Roman Forum with my friend Suzanne:

If you’d like to learn more about Republican Rome, check out my Art History notes on the topic. Wish me luck, I have a test on these this week!


It was so great to get to DC and see the cherry blossoms in all their glory. Although, the mall and surrounding areas were incredibly crowded – sometimes uncomfortably so. I took some great snapshots I’ll post below.