The Reluctant Vegan

Found out last night that I’m allergic to cow’s milk (not lactose, but the proteins in milk – whey/casein) as well as egg whites. Not good news for a lactoovopesca vegetarian! I had some blood tests taken after getting hives and feeling sick after eating seafood. Turns out scallops and tuna had nothing to do with it…but I still don’t feel comfortable trying them again.

Anyway, I’m supposed to cut out dairy and eggs for at least a week, and see how I feel. Then I can slowly start re-introducing foods and figure out what I can eat. Can you even imagine living without cheese, ice cream and milk chocolate?

To Do:
1. Buy rice and beans
2. Figure out how to cook rice and beans
3. Check out vegan chocolate, cookies, soymilk
4. Stop pining for a Shamrock Shake