Oh Academia

Calvin: I used to hate writing assignments, but now I enjoy them. I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog! Want to see my book report?
Hobbes: (Reading Calvin’s paper) “The Dynamics of Interbeing and Monological Imperatives in Dick and Jane: A Study in Psychic Transrelational Gender modes.”
Calvin: Academia, here I come!

The fall semester is already half done, but I really ought to post what I’ve been working on through my Art Ed blog. Let me know if you have any difficulties reading the posts.

Research Concept Map
Go here for the full-size version: https://prezi.com/secure/5775adf95daac03b024b216a2087cf1568a3efe7/

Art as an Aesthetic Experience: Specifically, South Pacific

For a graduate class, I recently had to write a paper about an aesthetic experience I had through art. I wrote about a visit I went on to NYC recently, and thought it might be a pretty good read (if you’re interested)…

Here’s the beginning:
“A trip to New York City and tickets to a Lincoln Center musical show. To some, this may seem like a perfectly cliché vacation for a country bumpkin. For me however, it was a surprisingly transformative experience.”

If you care to read more about my take on everything from NYC street-attitude to snotty theater ushers to breakups, continue reading here.

Oh, and here’s my favorite song of the night to get you in the mood…

Art Ed Posts

I thought I ought to catch everyone up with the posts I’ve written for my Art Education class. Click on the links below to checkout what I’ve been doing in school.

Week 2 (Facilitator of group discussion) and Week 3 (Identity and Contemporary Arts Education)
Week 4 (Postmodern Art and Visual Culture) and Week 5 (Diversity & Multiculturalism)
Week 6 (Thematic Instruction) and Week 7 (Art Criticism)
Week 8 (Art History in Art Education)