Eggos and Lost in Austen

Had a long day at work and wanted to keep tonight really low-key. I heard about a TV series (Lost in Austen) that I really wanted to see — but it’s neither on Netflix nor playing on any of my TimeWarner channels for the next few weeks. So I did a quick google and found that had a few links to stream it online! It took awhile to load, but it’s now safe to say that I’m obsessed with the BBC miniseries.

And for my low-key dinner? Eggos with fake bacon. Yum!


Checked out Balthazar, a downtown bistro, for the first time this past weekend. Dinner was great — I’m still worried about allergies so I opted for vegetarian fair. But the onion tart and house salad (with salted ricotta) didn’t disappoint.

Balthazar. What a great name. Makes me think of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2. Also reminds me of my favorite name of all: Hrothgar.

To Do List:
1. Make friends with Danes and ask if there are still any Hrothgars around
2. Rent Ghostbusters
3. Learn how to make an onion and gruyere tart (preferably in toaster oven)

Mac and Cheese

I don’t believe there’s anything better than homemade comfort food. Today my mother and I spent the afternoon making dinner. Well, I “made” the salad while she created her version of the Barefoot Contessa’s Mac and Cheese. It was fabulous!

I only recently realized you don’t have to follow a recipe exactly to make something good. For the mac, Mom left out the tomatoes, bacon, and breadcrumbs, and we were still licking out plates! Last weekend I made Challah French Toast (adapted from Epicurious’ Croissant French Toast recipe) but didn’t have any orange peel. I’m sure no one noticed. Man, that was a tasty brunch.

Anyway, I think I’m going to try that Mac and Cheese recipe soon, maybe even cut it in half and cook it in the toaster oven. I don’t use my oven very often, since I have to turn on the gas and manually light the bottom. I’m always afraid of catching on fire when I stick my arm that far back into the stove…

Guys and Dolls

Just got back from seeing Guys and Dolls on Broadway. Loved Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) as Adelaide. Best musical scene: Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat. The 1992 version doesn’t capture the feel at all, but it’s still fun! Enjoy.