Hairy Situation

Looking over my blog post from last week, I realized that I’m still having massive hair issues this summer! I’m growing it out for another Locks of Love donation (my fourth!) and having long hair in the heat can be such a drag. So today I decided to do something different — braided pigtails!

I’m not sure if this look is too casual for work, but I kept the braids neat for a more polished look. Best of all, the braids kept my neck cool during my walk to the subway this morning.

I really need to spend some time looking up new hair options, but I tend to always fall back on the same updos — a ponytail or a twist with a barrette. Perhaps I’ll spend some time checking out Hairpedia today…

High-Performance Hair Care

Summer can be brutal on hair. Massive amounts of frizz from humidity and green highlights from swimming pool chlorine are only 2 of the many issues we face — which is why the ladies at work staff rounded up their favorite products to feature in one of today’s homepage articles, High-Performance Hair Care.

One of my favorite products for the summer is Philip B Leave-in Conditioner – the lightweight cream keeps hair under control without sacrificing volume or weighing hair down.

$24; Available at and Salons nationwide

Here’s my review for KMS California too:

KMS California Flat Out Hair Products

Women with thick, wavy, frizz-prone hair rejoice! The Flat Out line from KMS California whips unruly hair into shape – smoothing out every coarse wave into soft, straight and shiny tresses. The Hot Pressed Spray kept my ends from looking dry and damaged when applied before flat ironing, and the Anti-Humidity Seal was able to control my hair from turning into a halo of chaos during a particularly rainy day. Even more impressive, the Straightening Crème was able to remove the dreaded pony-tail crease from dry hair – what a miracle worker!

$14.93 – $17.95; Available at salons nationwide