Bought a Desk, Started Classes

In response to last class, I did finally buy a desk. Found it on craigslist, and managed to buy it for $25 less than it was offered for (and much less than new from Ikea). I love that I have a room big enough for a big desk! Although I know I’ll now be tethered to it…I suppose graduate work just never stops.

So here are my classes:
Art Ed 101 (oh yes, intro to Art Education)
Ed Psy 421 (Educational Psychology)
Art Hist 111 (survey class covering Ancient to Medieval Art)
CI 597 (Arts Across the Curriculum)

The undergrad classes (Art Ed and Art History) have so much more work associated with them than the grad classes. Well, at least a lot more assignments due.

We have a quiz every week in Art History f0r a specific section (Ancient Egyptian art, Roman art, Byzantium art, etc.). Since it’s an online class, the lectures are just videos posted online…but instead of taking the usual 2 or 3 hours per week (like a regular class), the video lectures average about 6-8 hours each week. And I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist and end up writing every thing the professor says down in my notes.

As for the Art Ed class, we have to write a short paper every week on what we learned in class. Hopefully I’ll get into a groove of posting them on here…might be a bit boring, but at least it’ll give an idea of what I’m learning? Here’s the first week’s post, about what makes an effective arts educator.

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