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Oh Academia

Calvin: I used to hate writing assignments, but now I enjoy them. I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog! Want to see my book report? Hobbes: (Reading Calvin’s paper) “The Dynamics of […]

Trying the Twitter

I’m trying out Twitter…mostly because I get too scared about writing a full blog post every time I have something I want to share! Let’s see how long it lasts, and how boring the minutia of my life looks in 160 characters or less. http://twitter.com/theartofmarch

Records and Turntables

Pardon my delay, I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while. I got a record player for my birthday! Honestly, I’ve wanted one for a few years. I’m surprised that I waited so long. Something about the weight and physicality of records and a turntable really appeals to the iPod/iTunes/1999 Napster user in […]

Happy Ides of March!

Maybe that’s like saying, “Happy Lent” or “Happy Day of Atonement” during Yom Kippur. Alas. Here’s the Wikipedia page on The Ides of March for your enjoyment/future trivia knowledge. Here’s the Senate room where Julius Caesar was killed 2,054 years ago that I took on a trip to Rome a few years ago):And here’s a […]

Art Ed Posts

I thought I ought to catch everyone up with the posts I’ve written for my Art Education class. Click on the links below to checkout what I’ve been doing in school. Week 2 (Facilitator of group discussion) and Week 3 (Identity and Contemporary Arts Education)Week 4 (Postmodern Art and Visual Culture) and Week 5 (Diversity […]

Bought a Desk, Started Classes

In response to last class, I did finally buy a desk. Found it on craigslist, and managed to buy it for $25 less than it was offered for (and much less than new from Ikea). I love that I have a room big enough for a big desk! Although I know I’ll now be tethered […]

My New Apartment

The biggest change from the city to State College is my living options. Hate to say it, but if you want to live in Manhattan proper, there’s not much available that’s safe and actually livable (no bathtubs in the kitchen, etc) for under $1000/month. At PSU, for $500 you could get a semi-nice room in […]


I got accepted into grad school! I moved from NYC back to Pennsylvania! I subletted a new apartment! I started classes! Will be talking about all of these things shortly, just wanted to close the very wide gap between now and my last post.

Shoes for Good

A few weeks ago, I was watching TV when a commercial came on for Tom’s Shoes. I was so intrigued by the idea of a company giving a way a pair of shoes for each pair sold, I immediately looked them up online. Not only do they have a full shop on their Web site, […]